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POP UP SALE! (Only US$37.00 or JM$ 5,500.00)

The 7-step


Learn how to create this simple, but stunning, cut-crease glam makeup look for Carnival day that will have everyone asking where you got your inspiration from!

Are You Tired Of Seeing Gorgeous Carnival Makeup Looks Online And Never Seeing Them In Your Own Mirror?
This Ends Today!


You have a lot on your plate this Carnival season. You’ve got to find the perfect outfit, find the perfect location, and make sure all of your friends are going to be there.


But what about makeup?

I know the feeling—feeling like you're never going to be able to pull off an eye-catching look. I've been there! But don't worry, I'm here to help you!

One of the best parts of being a makeup artist is knowing how to make even the most novice look like they are the Queen of Carnival day. And now with Soca Slay, you can too!

With the Soca Slay Masterclass, you'll be able to create gorgeous looks like a pro. It is amazing for beginners because it's easy to learn and gives every woman that "I woke up like this" look that everyone wants (but not everyone can achieve).

And even if you find a Makeup Artist who is able to squeeze you into their busy schedules at the very last minute (and they’ll be booked for a month or two in advance), they may not be able to give you a look that will last you an entire day of dancing, jumping, partying—and listening to timeless Soca music!

That’s exactly why I’m offering you my Soca Slay Masterclass: An opportunity to skip waiting in line for makeup artists and go into carnival day with your own unique makeup look that will keep you looking beautiful all day!


Features and Benefits
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Enhance your complexion so that your makeup seamlessly matches your bronzed body from head to toe -- without the "heavy" or "cakey" feel.

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Prep your skin so that you will look radiant all day with a healthy skin-like makeup finish.

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Define your brows so that your brows will be perfectly shaped to frame your face in all your amazing photos.

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Apply your eyeshadow and strip lashes so that your eyes can look as bold or as bronzey as you'd like with my easy-to-learn, 'Selena' cut-crease eyeshadow technique.

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Apply your rhinestones (Optional) so that you can quickly and effectively apply beautiful gems to your face -- whether you are a pro or a beginner.

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Apply your highlight, blush & lips so that your final beauty touches will radiate and glow, making you the center of attention.

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Set your face with powders so that your makeup will remain long-lasting, oil-free, and sweatproof from sunrise to sunset.






You love the sultry Carnival makeup look. But the idea of booking a makeup artist for Carnival day makes you anxious—and what if you just don't like what they do?

 That's why I created the Soca Slay Masterclass for you!

It's the best way to learn how to do a bronzey cut-crease look with a pop of color in the comfort of your home, without the struggle or anxiety of booking a makeup artist on Carnival day! Because let's face it: You're going to be jammin' to some soca music while you're doing your makeup anyway, so why not have fun with it? 

And this cut-crease look is versatile and easy to learn so you could customize it and wear it with or without the rhinestones for a flawless makeup look with a simple unique twist!

Transform the way you
your makeup today!


You want to learn the best tips to get long-lasting, sweat-proof makeup  directly from a Pro.

You have a lot of products in your makeup bag but you don't know where to start or how to apply them correctly.

You have a slight idea of how to do your makeup but you want to sharpen your technique.

You want to learn a quick & easy makeup look with a pop of color that you can wear to any Carnival event!


for just one payment of:

US$37  or  JM$ 5,500.00

NB. This is the deal of the day. The price of this offer is subject to change.

You must have access to a Facebook account.

*This transaction is non-refundable and non-transferable.

No PayPal? Email me at for the Scotiabank details.

Kimberly Patterson

Why Should You Trust Me?


My name is Kimberly, and I’m a makeup artist on a mission to empower women like yourself to create their favorite carnival makeup looks with ZERO previous experience! You'll never have to worry about the pressures of having to book a Makeup Artist for Carnival day ever again.


After years of working in the industry, I’m giving my years of expertise to you to help you feel more confident and show you how makeup can go from a confusing, nerve-wracking process into an easy, step-by-step routine.


With me by your side, you’ll be able to achieve the Carnival glam you’re looking for (with or without the rhinestones) and shine in as little as 30 minutes!

This is where you are NOW:

  • You are seeing Carnival day approach with no makeup artist appointment or any way to look your best on Carnival day.

  • You don’t know how to show up on Carnival day in confidence and stun everyone around you with your gorgeous look.

  • You are scared of spending hours setting the Rhinestones together and having them fall off when you’re in the thick of having fun.

  • You fear looking like you’ve been crying for 3 hours at the end of Carnival day because of melted mascara and foundation.

This is where you WANT to be:

  • You want to create the exact look you want on Carnival day and use all the makeup that you already have in your bag.

  • You want to have your makeup look stay perfectly intact even after hours of raving and jumping to Soca music.

  • You want to maintain the shine of the glitter and the beautiful Rhinestones in the hot weather and sweaty circumstances.

  • You want to receive the endless compliments you deserve about your look and questions about who your artist is when it’s all your own work.

Selena makeup look




The 'Go For Glam' Tools Selection

(Value: $35)

I will walk you through the most important tools you should have in your makeup bag to achieve this look and how to use them!

The Makeup Product List

(Value: $26)

You also get the full product list of the makeup I used during the demo. So you never have to guess what should be in your makeup bag ever again.

The "Selena" Cut-Crease Video Tutorial 

(Value: $50)

Everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the full Soca Slay Masterclass (Selena Editon) and it will be yours to have on-demand for a lifetime.

The Soca Slay Party Replay

(Value: $19)

You will have access to the virtual kick-off makeup class party replay!


(VALUE: $34) 

Inside this exclusive classroom, you will have lifetime access to me, where I will answer your questions and provide the feedback you may need to grow as you practice!


Lifetime Membership



Soca Slay Party Replay ($19 value)

Pre-Recorded Video Tutorial ($50 value)

Makeup Product List ($26 value)

Glam Tools Selection ($35 value)

Lifetime Membership Access ($34 value)


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" I think I did a good job for a FIRST try at the Soca Slay makeup! I intentionally didn't do much eyeshadow but I loved the skin prep and foundation videos. When I have more time, I will try the contouring properly.

Thanks for suggesting the video. I'm very proud of myself!" 

- Marian A.

By joining my Soca Slay program, you’ll have lifetime access to all the material inside the program, as well as on-demand assistance from me and an instant ticket to our supportive, inspiring community!




Sign up to Soca Slay today, and invest in an easy, actionable, yet extremely effective and unique makeup look that will transform the way you feel about yourself!


Click the link below to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I start learning?

A: This (pre-recorded) online course is available to you immediately upon purchase, so you can start learning right now.

Q: Can this masterclass work for a beginner who is trying to improve on my technique?

A: Yup, It sure can! I also explain the reasons behind each step and give extra tips in each of the 7 segments. If you should have any further questions, a discussion section is in the group for you. I can't wait to help you.

Q: How long is one session and how are the 7 parts divided?

A: The timeline for each video demo ranges from 2 minutes to 17 minutes and is divided into categories of:

1. Skin Prep (5 minutes)

2. Complexion (17 minutes)

3. Brows (3 minutes)

4. Eyes and lashes (15 minutes)

5. Face (3 minutes)

6. Lips (2 minutes)

7. Rhinestones (4 minutes)

Q: Do I need to go makeup shopping first?

A: No. Use what you have now and grow along the way. I encourage you to watch the video to see what items are missing in your makeup bag, then slowly build via the makeup product list provided. 

Q: What's the cost of this online course?

A: The cost is US$164 or JM$ 25,500 but you can get access today for only US$37 or JM$ 5,500.00.

Q: How soon after purchase will I receive my classroom access link?

A: You will have IMMEDIATE access to everything mentioned above and it will be yours for a lifetime.

Q: Can other makeup artists learn from this online class too?

A: Of course! I would love to inspire and give other MUAs the insight that I have gotten over the past 10 years in the industry. Through the tips given in the video, you will also discover how to explain things to your clients as well!

Q: Is this a certificate-based class?

A: No. This class was made for you to develop your own personal skills in makeup application.

Q: If I don't have PayPal, how else can I pay using the JMD currency?

A: I accept direct deposits through Scotia bank. Feel free to email me at or send a DM to my Instagram account @kimberlypattersonbeauty for the banking details.  

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